Early December, 2013

The past few months have been absorbed in abstractions.

In an effort to move away from pernicious patterns, the camera has been finding other, newer patterns. After spending mucho tiempo with words and tech jargon, the camera is a calming outlet.

Late afternoons, early evenings is when the bursts seem to hit. I have occasionally found some time to wander my neighborhood and find the remaining dusk light to exploit. When that light is all used up, I often look to artificial sources and play around.


This is the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Court Street. This is a Bank of America sign.

There is a super bright ATM kiosk room here–right across from the always-crowd laden Trader Joes–a former bank itself. Such a beautiful building actually, but you’d never really notice much of that anymore with the throngs of granny carts, plastic baskets and strollers used as grocery carts. I often shop here mid day when I can–but even then is becoming almost unbearable with people. It’s not a complaint–just a fact.

The same evening of playing around with this sign, I also had some fun with the HR Block sign a little further East on Atlantic. It had this glowing green thing happening–and a closed for business, pull down gate in front of it. I suppose I’m drawn to light sources–and color. Who isn’t?


Then I moved and started shooting from the other side looking to include more color and light from other sources to see what would happen.

Started experimenting with the focus again, to see what colors and lights would show up. It’s often when you start doing this that you begin to see the colors condense and synthesize in circular patterns. Below are a few more.

DSC_1276 DSC_1278

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